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When we answered the knock on our front door, friendly Rotarians were there with a surprise for us:
Nutley Rotary had named our son Tyler as their 2012 Rotary Scholar and granted him a generous college scholarship!
That personal touch, as well as the honor, was a special Rotary moment.
Over the next few years, I thought about joining Nutley Rotary, but it wasn’t until I met Barbara Hirsch at the Nutley Farmers Market Civic Pride Day that I started to discover how amazing Rotary is.
I learned that Rotary is a service organization which provides help for the community and the world through small and large projects. Nutley Rotarians are people of action who had a part in two water projects in Mexico and Africa!
That’s when I decided to join, as I have a big interest in helping with the water crisis in the world.
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