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for more photos, click here: photoalbums/van-riper-work-day
Nutley Rotarians and Van Riper members along with help from Pretty Handy braved the heat on June 5 and made some progress scraping and painting the windows, garage doors and basement cover.
John Demmer built the cover to keep water out of the basement, and Danny brought his paint sprayer which took a lot of coaxing to get started but really helped with the larger flat surfaces. 
Joyce was an expert window frame painter and Rob and James made short work of the peeling paint on the porch ceiling. Barbara was our supervisor and she also did a great job!
Many hands, light work - thank you to all! for more photos, click here: photoalbums/van-riper-work-day
We had a great group of golfers join our Rotary members Henry Fuentes, Ben Costa, Roberta Ducci, Danny Carnicella, Charlie Kucinski and Dorothy Huey at Farmstead for a fun day golfing, laughing, enjoying the scenery and wildlife and eating!
We saw turtles, frogs, deer, herons all in an idyllic setting. 
AND thanks to Henry, our new member, who brought his friend Pedro who is a great golfer, NUTLEY won the longest drive!
For more photos, click here: photoalbums/golf-fundraiser-2021
For more photos, click here: photoalbums/vfw-outdoor-cleanup-and-planting
Nutley Rotarians and high school students came together on May 16 at 10am to help the Nutley VFW beautify it's outdoor area. 
The students were hard workers and we were so impressed with all that they accomplished.
Nutley Rotarians helping that day were John Monaco, Linda Buset, Danny Carnicella, Maria Hamlin (also new commander of VFW), President Dorothy Huey, and husband James.
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